What are MSMs?

Micro Small and Medium enterprises are businesses whose personnel numbers (and revenue) fall below certain limits. In Egypt, this ranges between <10 for Micro to <200 for Medium enterprises.

Anna Shvets from Pexels, Allan Harris, CC BY-ND 2.0, AUC

What role do they play?

  • They are part of the essential global supply chains, providing four out of every five new jobs in emerging economies.
  • They play a key role in the Egyptian economy as a gateway to employment and community economic development, where 2.5M MSM-created jobs, comprise 75% of the labour force.
  • Many Egyptian MSMs have been set up by women entrepreneurs and reliant on a large female workforce who represent > 50% of workers.

Why is ensuring their current and future climate resilience important?

  • It contributes to the sustainable growth of MSMs as it addresses the urgent economic, health and social impacts of global warming and increasing heat in these workplaces.
  • It helps mitigate heat-related productivity losses and economic impacts of power outages that may occur when peak power demand soars as a result of widespread use of energy-intensive cooling.
  • It is aligned with global efforts to ensure decent working conditions and informs Egypt’s National Energy Efficiency Action Plan revisions.

What can we do?

Studies have shown that future-fit retrofit-based pathways to mitigate climate change can be effective in improving internal environmental quality, wellbeing and productivity while reducing energy use. This includes measures such as insulation, shading and natural ventilation instead of energy-intensive cooling.