Who is this workshop be open to?

Participation in this workshop is open to eligible Early Career Researchers from Egypt and the UK. See our Eligibility Criteria.

What background do I have to have?

We aim to include participants with a wide range of backgrounds and demonstrable interests relevant to the workshop focus and a career trajectory aligned with the built environment sustainability agenda. This includes, but is not limited to building design and construction, planning policy and development, climate science, urban health, community engagement/social practice and occupant behaviour.

How can I apply to participate?

You can apply via our online application form here.

Who will assess applications for participation?

A review panel made up of workshop organisers and mentors will use criteria aligned with British Council guidelines to assess submitted applications. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

How is this workshop relevant to UN Sustainable Development Goals and to COP26?

The workshop activities and outcomes are part of our institutional COP26 climate outreach programmes. The workshop addresses the UN SDG 13-Action to Combat Climate Change and has significant implications across other SDGs (e.g. 3-Health, 8-Decent Work). It is aligned with COP26 themes Adaptation & Resilience/Energy Transitions.

What will happen at COP26?

Over 30,000 delegates are expected to contribute to formal events in the ‘blue zone’ where climate experts, campaigners, policy makers and world leaders debate how to make global progress on climate change